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Yogacharya - The Founder




(The Founder Of Bharat Seva shram Sangha)

The late 19th century was year-marked for various Social, Political and Spiritual Renaissance. The undivided Bengal was at the height of its glory. Swami Pranavanandji Maharaj was born in that era.

He was born in Bajitpur, the then East Bengal of undivided Bengal in the year 1896, in a affluent religious and cultured family. His childhood named was “Vinod”. Since his childhood the greatness the greatness which we will see in later years were visible.

Vinod was less attracted to the materialistic aspects of life rather than the spiritual and social lifestyle. By nature he was very intelligent and helpful to the people. He was very strict towards the wrong doers. He encouraged all the boys of his age towards the physical fitness and social activities, which in the later years was seen in establishing the “Sangha”.

In the year 1913 at the age of 17 he left from home and was ready to be the disciple of Baba Gambhirnathji Maharaj in Gorakhpur and was initiated . While returning after the severe “Sadhana” in Gorakhpur, Kashi and Bajitpur, he saw the harassment of the pilgrims by pandas in Gaya and was much angry, pained and felt that the Hindu Pilgrimage needed urgent and considerable reform.

Thereafter he established Bharat Sevashram Sangha in 1916 and he moved around in Villages and cities and prepared schemes of Hindu Milan Mandirs and Raksha Dals. It was his desire that in Hindu Milan Mandirs, people should congregate, say prayers, read Hindu scriptures, discuss local problems and solve them. He guided youths of Raksha Dals should go to Milan mandirs, take regular physical exercise and social services to strengthen themselves and the society. He also wished that Hindus should be better organized.

Through the Sangha, Swami Pranvanandji started various activities such as students’ unions, propagation of Shakti Sadhana, Tribal Welfare, religious reforms, improvements in religious places, relief work during natural calamities etc.

In 1949, he delegated the responsibility of all the work to his disciple and in 1941 he left his mortal body at the early age of forty five.

His disciple moved around in all the corners of the country to propagate his ideas and principles. Today, excellent work is being carried on by the various branches of the Sangha established in almost every city and in many towns and villages of the country. Many branches have been established also beyond India in many countries and they are doing very useful work.



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